Ancestry DNA Testing

Who am I? Where did I come from? Where did my ancestors originate from?

These are common questions for Americans – and everyone from age 7 to age 77 is likely to ponder them several times throughout a lifetime.

While some families have maintained strong genealogical records detailing the stories of individuals in past generations, many do not have any idea where they came from.

Some cities and websites offer genealogical databases where you can scour old papers, books and ledgers from hundreds of years ago to find answers to your family history questions.

But did you know an ancestry DNA test can offer additional insights for your personal research (or save you a lot of time) – all with a simple cheek swab?

Get an ancestry DNA test to have your questions answered.

Or, give it as a gift. Not only can this test make a perfect holiday gift or birthday present, it will make for a great conversation starter!