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About Test Smartly Labs

Test Smartly Labs is your go-to for all of the lab tests you need. We specialize in drug and alcohol testing and pride ourselves in being DOT-certified. We can run any health and wellness lab panel requested by you or your doctor. We’re also a preferred partner for all types of DNA tests – some of the most important tests you’ll ever take. We work with individuals, families, employers, case workers and more to make sure any test requiring a urine, hair or fingernail sample, blood draw, saliva swab or sweat patch is administered correctly, ethically and efficiently. We follow chain of custody processes so anything we do can be used in court. When you need a lab testing expert, don’t just rely on a screen. Our team knows what what we’re doing and we’re here to help you from beginning to end. When it’s time to test, test smartly.


"I had a great experience at TEST SMARTLY LABS."

- Lisa Everett

"I had a great experience at TEST SMARTLY LABS."

- Mechelle H

"I had a great experience at TEST SMARTLY LABS. Aaron did a good job of drawing the blood samples. Each person at the lab was courteous."

- Suzanna V Darby

"The most professional and friendly place there is. I first went to quest diagnostics in Olathe, Kansas and that is the most ghetto place I have been to. Test Smartly should give them lessons. I think those two females that worked at quest diagnostics were straight from the hood. Test Smartly has class and very high work ethics."

- Edward