Schools and Universities

From students to teachers, professors to principals, everyone can benefit from a wellness program on a school campus!

According to the publication School Employee Wellness: A Guide for Protecting the Assets of Our Nation’s Schools,

School health programs in the 21st century should include eight components:

  1. family and community involvement in school health
  2. comprehensive school health education
  3. physical education and other physical activity
  4. school health services
  5. school nutrition services
  6. school counseling
  7. psychological and social services
  8. healthy school environment and school employee wellness

The experts all agree – from the schoolhouse to the college campus, health and wellness should be a priority.

Test Smartly Labs works with educational clients in a variety of ways. From providing on-site preventive health screenings to testing teenagers and athletes for illegal drug use, let us become one of your many trusted partners on campus.

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