Benefits of an Employee Wellness Program

It’s a no-brainer that good health brings about many benefits for both individuals and businesses. But did you know there’s many more perks hiding inside of an employee wellness program you may not have realized?

A sense of community

Wellness programs that encourage the entire office to get “fit” together can bring about a sense of camaraderie that’s hard to generate around a conference room table. If your employees are competing against each other for steps, or working together to hit a shared goal like a certain mileage goal, they’re likely to grow closer.

Employees with good working relationships are easier to retain, and much more willing to work together as needed.

More energy

The coffee machine brews early in the morning. Iced sodas wake up computer-using email checkers. Vending machines buzz a few hours after lunch. It’s not uncommon for today’s workers to experience serious bouts of fatigue.

While ongoing fatigue may be a medical condition that needs attention, some fatigue can be combated with exercise and a healthy diet. If your workplace encourages workouts, healthy eating and education surrounding vitamins, supplements and more, it could increase energy levels and liven up the office – helping workers be more productive and eager to take on new tasks.

Lower insurance costs

In today’s insurance marketplace, several packages are being offered to employers where they can get lower rates if employees prove they’re engaging in wellness activities. Healthier employees naturally drive down insurance plan costs.

You may save money, and save your employees money, if you make their health a priority.

There’s many benefits to a workplace wellness program. If you need help designing one or getting screening services to your office, contact Test Smartly Labs.