DOT Pre-Employment Testing

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHA) explains,

“Under Executive Order 12564, all federal employees involved in ‘law enforcement, national security, the protection of life and property, public health or safety, or other functions requiring a high degree of public trust’ are subject to mandatory drug testing.

DOT employees work in what’s considered “safety-sensitive functions” – which means from the time an operator starts work (or is required to be “on call”) to the time he or she gets off work, their behavior falls under the rules and regulations of the DOT.

DOT jobs and drug testing

DOT drug testing is a routine part of an employee’s lifecycle. And it begins with pre-employment testing.

Whether someone is applying to drive a bus, fly a plane or operate a rail car – a DOT drug test will need to be passed before a job is ever offered to them.

No DOT employer is allowed to offer a job to someone who does not receive a negative test result from a controlled substance panel.

While drug testing is a mandatory test for pre-employment, agencies differ on how to handle alcohol screening for pre-employment. Refer to the individual rules and restrictions for the individual DOT agencies.

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