DOT Post-Accident 24/7 Emergency Services

Test Smartly Labs can provide around-the-clock drug and alcohol testing services. Per DOT regulations, the operator must undergo drug and alcohol testing following an accident.

Failure to do so could result in their suspension or termination, as it will be considered a refusal to test.

Since you need testing as soon as possible following accidents involving all kinds of modes of transportation, we can provide the collections you need to ensure the entire process remains DOT-approved.

CDL Driver Post-Accident Rules

For CDL drivers specifically who are operating commercial vehicles, all surviving drivers involved in the accident need tested for alcohol within 8 hours of the accident, and controlled substances within 32 hours.

If there is any loss of human life, bodily injuries requiring medical treatments or if any of the vehicles involved have so much damage they’re towed off, this is of extreme importance.

For post-accident testing for DOT agencies, let Test Smartly Labs help.