Alcohol Testing for DOT

DOT alcohol testing requires strict adherence to process and protocol, much like DOT drug testing.

For an alcohol test to be DOT-approved, screening test technicians (STTs) and breath alcohol technicians (BATs) must meet certain requirements and qualifications. This will authorize them to do the tests.

Unless these collectors are the only certified STTs and BATs available, they should not take the collection from the employee if they are supervisors.

Training is available for STTs (can only do alcohol screening tests) and BATs (can collect for alcohol screening and confirmation tests).

The professionals at Test Smartly Labs are qualified to collect for the DOT alcohol tests.

DOT alcohol testing specifics

Each agency under the DOT may differ in how and when alcohol testing is used.

Generally, across the board for safety-sensitive functions, you may not work if you have a 0.04 or higher alcohol concentration. You will be immediately removed if this is the case.

In many other agencies, like FMCSA or FAA, a concentration of 0.02 to 0.039 may also warrant immediate removal from the safety-sensitive function for at least 24 hours following the test.

Timeframes for when you were under the influence of alcohol is acceptable usually ranges from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the agency and job function.

Alcohol is always forbidden when someone is about to go on duty, is actively on duty, or is involved in an accident.

Unless your transporting the beverage, you must not be in possession of and/or consuming any alcohol.

If you plan to do a pre-employment alcohol test, you must do it for all employees and follow a standard procedure, singling out individuals is not acceptable and does not follow agency regulations.

Test Smartly Labs can help with your DOT alcohol test. To get started, contact us.