DOT Testing

DOT testing may look a lot like standard drug tests and alcohol screens, however they must be treated completely separately.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has a set of standards, rules and regulations that must be followed in order for a test to be considered a DOT or “DOT-approved” test.

For employers and employees working in any agency that falls under the DOT jurisdiction, it’s likely DOT regulations will need to be followed in your workplace. If you neglect to do this, you may face potential fines, suspensions and other penalties for your violations.

What are some particulars about the DOT test?

Here are a few things that make DOT tests unique:

  • Collections (urine or breath) are specified as “DOT” and cannot be used for any other tests outside of those specifically requested by the DOT agency.
  • The results of the DOT tests cannot be changed or disregarded based on a non-DOT test (even if the results differ).
  • Certain DOT forms must be completed for these tests and follow a specific process.
  • Collectors must meet the training requirements in order to collect for DOT tests.
  • The tests must be mandated and requested by an agency, with specific information provided each step of the way.

The DOT specifies for us, as a collection site, that we must have all of the employees, materials, equipment, facilities and supervision to do the collection AND temporary storage, shipping or urine to a lab and a “suitable clean surface for writing.”

Test Smartly Labs meets all DOT specifications and can perform your drug and alcohol tests.