Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) Testing

Mass transit – that’s what the Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) oversees.

The administration was championed by President Kennedy, and signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson who said in his remarks at the signing of the Urban Mass Transportation Act,

“We are a nation of travelers. You cannot write our history without devoting many chapters to the pony express, the stagecoach, the railroad, the automobile, the airplane. . . Yet, until 1964, the Federal Government did little or nothing to help the urban commuter.”

The FTA has a large jurisdiction and gets involved in projects and systems involving busses, heavy, commuter and light rails, streetcars, the National Highway System, public ferry systems and more.

FTA’s Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations

The FTA follows the DOT drug test and alcohol test protocols. Some of its specific regulations include:

  • Consumption of any of the drugs on the DOT drug test is prohibited
  • The employee must not have an alcohol concentration of 0.04 or greater while on the job
  • No employee may use alcohol while on the job
  • No alcohol use 4 hours before coming to work
  • Prohibit alcohol consumption when “on call”

Read more about the FTA’s drug and alcohol testing regulations.

FTA’s Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

The FTA requires employers to:

  • educate their employees on drug and alcohol (as well as provide a hotline to call for help)
  • train their employees. According to the FTA regulations guidelines:
    • “at least 60 minutes of training on the effects and consequences of prohibited drug use on personal health, safety, and the work environment, and on the signs and symptoms that may indicate prohibited drug use.
  • provide at least 60 minutes of supervisor training for those who may indicate an employee should have reasonable suspicion or probable use testing.

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