Social Services Testing

In situations where you’re dealing with parents, kids, grandparents and foster care families – you need a reliable testing partner who will produce on-time and accurate tests.

Test Smartly Labs works with many social services agencies in the Kansas City area for:

  • Drug testing
  • Alcohol screens
  • Paternity testing
  • And more…

Drug testing for social services

Drugs and alcohol may be the game-changer when it comes to parental custody situations. We offer several drug tests that can look into a range of timeframes to determine drug use.

  • Urine screens
  • Hair and fingernail
  • Blood tests
  • Sweat patch tests

Oftentimes it’s not unusual for the judge to mandate which drug test he/she wants to see in order to make a decision on a case. For whatever the court needs, we can help.

Give us a call and let us know what you need – we’ll help take it from there.

Paternity testing for social services

Several case workers contact us because we produce reliable, on-time paternity tests that are 99.9% accurate. Our lab runs the samples twice to ensure the test result is accurate. When it comes to such a critical situation with a lot of things on the line, it’s best to work with experts who often handle DNA tests.

We’ll help arrange the DNA sample collections and we will keep all information confidential. We are also sensitive to scheduling issues – realizing many times people need to provide their collections separately.

We can also follow the chain of custody process so your results can be used in court.

To get started, contact us.