Personal Use Testing

Suspect your teen is using drugs? Want to check your own cholesterol levels? Afraid of a family scandal regarding paternity?

These are just a few of the reasons our clients contact us directly for lab testing. Many of our lab tests are for personal use.

Personal Drug and Alcohol testing

Whether you need drug testing to hold yourself or someone else accountable, we can help. We offer several testing options to fit your budget and needs. We can also run the test using “chain of custody” meaning should you need to use the results for any legal matter, the results will hold up in a court of law.

Personal DNA tests

You could buy a box off the internet to do DNA testing, but with a test that carries such significant implications – we suggest you let the experts handle it. We offer several DNA testing options if you’re trying to prove biological family relationships. Like the drug testing options, we can follow a “chain of custody” process where you can use the results in court should the need arise. We keep results confidential and we’re total pros – you can trust us with this information.

In addition to testing for DNA matches amongst family members, we also offer immigration testing services as well as ancestry/ethnicity tests.

Personal Health and Wellness Tests

In today’s climate, we don’t blame you for not wanting to pay $35, $50 or even $200 to see your doctor and have them tell you to go get lab work done. There are options where you can take control of your own health, even when it comes to lab testing.

While we encourage you to always discuss your test results with a doctor, if you’d like to schedule your own blood draw and test for certain hormone levels, fitness panels or diseases and conditions – you can do that. Let us know the lab test you’d like run, we can run nearly anything that requires a blood or urine sample.