Copper Exposure Testing

Copper is another heavy metal that can enter the bloodstream.

It’s a common metal to be around and it is found in a lot of things like shellfish, mushrooms, nuts, chocolate and more.

Many of us have copper mugs, copper cookware and copper pipes that put small traces of copper into our bodies – but at harmless levels. Our bodies need some amount of copper to function normally.

Our bodies typically regulate the amount of hard metals we take in, however on rare occasions copper levels can build up and make us sick. This can be caused by over-exposure (we’re around too much copper), or by disorders that stop our bodies from regulating the copper like they should, like Wilson’s disease.

It’s important to know your copper levels because too much or too little could make you sick. Too much copper could cause major problems with your body’s tissues, kidneys and liver – and even death.

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