Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF) Testing

Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) is a hormone. It works a lot like growth hormone – it helps kids grow stronger as they develop, and it keeps the rest of us young! It’s naturally made by the liver, skeletal muscles and other parts of the body. It is one of the body’s many hormones that helps us feel strong, rested, healthy (and young!)

IGF helps us combat some of the natural side effects of aging, particularly losing body strength. IGF helps our bones, tissues and muscles stay strong.

Why get a IGF test?

This test is often ordered to test growth hormone levels. It may also be used to understand the results of other hormone tests.

If you think you need an IGF test, we recommend consulting with a medical doctor about your symptoms and concerns. They may want to run a growth hormone test as well.

Test Smartly Labs is happy to serve as your lab draw partner and will provide you with an accurate, reliable pathology report you can use to discuss your results.

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