Disease and Condition Testing

You feel a strange pain in your leg. Or maybe your bowel movements look different than normal. Your urine has a different color to it. You just don’t feel well.

These days with the internet at our fingertips, it’s easy to pull out our phones and begin to search the signs and symptoms we’re experiencing when something’s “not quite right.”

But online websites can only tell us so much.

To really understand what’s happening with you, you’ll need a lab test.

And we highly recommend a doctor, too.

How to get a lab test

Maybe you know certain diseases run in your family, or you suspect you’re suffering from something in particular because of your online research.

Perhaps you’re already seeing a doctor and he/she recommended lab tests.

In either situation, Test Smartly Labs is here to help.

We can run any lab panel a doctor requests, or any panel you want to request for yourself.

Here’s the most common conditions and diseases our customers ask us to help screen for:

It’s critically important that your research doesn’t stop at the blood test. Work with a doctor to understand your results and make a path for moving forward.

To get started, contact us.