Health & Wellness Testing

Test Smartly Labs wants to help keep you and your employees healthy! If you need any lab test run involving blood, urine or saliva testing – we can help!

Personal Lab Testing

Sometimes you don’t want the hassle of calling a doctor and paying co-pays and deductibles just to see if anything’s wrong. We get it.

That’s why we offer a series of lab panels that help you take control of your health and spend your hard-earned dollars wisely. You can request the panel, check out the results and if anything’s a concern – then work with your doctor. This is especially popular for hormone testing, allergy testing, health and fitness testing and testing for certain diseases and conditions.

It’s an upside-down process compared to the “good old days” but nowadays it’s more important than ever to watch where every dollar goes when it comes to your healthcare. Request-your-own-lab-test can save patients money and help make the most efficient time of your doctor visit when you follow-up to discuss the results.

STD Lab Testing

If you suspect you have an STD, the last thing you want is your nurse asking you all sorts of questions about your sex life. That’s why a lot of people turn to Test Smartly Labs for STD testing. We can collect urine or blood, depending on the STD test you need. We also offer several panels to check for a variety of the most common STDs out there.

Health and Wellness Lab Testing

A healthy employee is good for your workplace. When we’re healthy, we’re more focused, absent from work less and all around more productive. We work with many businesses, large and small, in the Kansas City area who want to help provide health and wellness services to their teams. We can come on-site and run biometric screenings, health assessments and flu shots. We can also provide a variety of health and fitness tests to check your employee’s overall health.