Tobacco Drug Testing

Although tobacco use is down amongst both adults and teenagers these days, there are still situations that call for tobacco testing through a professional lab like Test Smartly Labs.

Oftentimes we receive requests for tobacco testing to:

  • Validate that a policyholder is a “non-smoker” to determine insurance rates or eligibility for certain policies
  • Determine if a teenager has been smoking

Also referred to as “cotinine testing,” our tests can let you know of someone is currently smoking, recently stopped smoking and/or is a long-term smoker.

Can my job test me for tobacco use?

Currently, 29 states and D.C. offer anti-discrimination laws that protect smokers, but the others do not.

Additionally, it is legal for your employer to charge you more for health insurance if you’re a smoker.

If you are a tobacco product user, or have been in the past and recently quit, we can help.

We can help test your levels and let you know when they’re showing up as a non-smoker before you apply for insurance or a job where non-smoking is a qualification, for example.

Be proactive and give us a call.