Steroid Testing

Anabolic steroids, both the perceived risk and actual use, have fluctuated over the years, much in part due to stories of professional athletes and their steroid usage. But in recent years, most professional athletes have been penalized for their use of steroids – and that’s because in many cases, they are illegal.

Despite the negative light steroid use receives, some people, and especially teenagers, are tempted to use them.

Males and females can use steroids. Males find them appealing when trying to make their muscles larger and voices deeper. Some women take steroids to change their menstrual cycles and reduce their breast size.

Is your teen using steroids?

It’s never a bad idea to keep a close eye on your teenager and your team – even if they’re a star-studded school athlete or state champions.

Even if they’re not abusing illegal drugs like marijuana and cocaine, it doesn’t mean steroids couldn’t be a possibility or a risk for the teenagers in your life. Watch them closely and look for changes.

If you suspect steroids and need to test to be sure, contact us. We can provide testing for both individuals as well as entire athletic programs full of multiple teams.