Designer Drug Testing

A lot of drugs, although illegal, come from plants. Marijuana and cocaine, for example, have natural properties.

Designer drugs” are drugs that people make by taking the plant-based drugs and modifying them on a scientific level. Using chemistry, they alter the drugs in a secret laboratory and alter their structure. Many times they’re creating their own formulas and recipes to make drugs out of a variety of legal (like household) and illegal ingredients.

These are the kinds of drugs you might hear about being used in clubs, giving them the nickname “club drugs.” Ecstasy (MDMA), meth and “roofies” all fall into this category.

These drugs are very dangerous.

Not only are they difficult to regulate, their side effects are also very harmful and potentially deadly.

Is your kid using designer drugs?

Although it’s scary and maddening, as a parent, it’s important to get involved if you suspect your child is using designer drugs. We offer a series of drug tests that specifically detect synthetic drug use.

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