Urine Alcohol Testing

Urine tests aren’t limited to looking for the evidence of drugs, at Test Smartly Labs we can also test the urine for the presence of alcohol.

This is a preferred way of testing to see if someone has been drinking alcohol by several individuals, and especially employers and attorneys who need a glimpse into someone’s alcohol use (or abuse) for a longer period of time.

Breath alcohol tests and blood alcohol tests will let you know someone’s alcohol levels within 12-24 hours of drinking, but a urine test can show you how much someone’s been drinking up to 80 hours afterwards.

How Urine Alcohol Testing Works

When we drink, we intake alcohol (also called ethanol). Ethanol enters our body and quickly goes to our bloodstream and other organs. Our body treats alcohol like any other substance we put into it – it quickly starts breaking it down.

As the body breaks down alcohol, it forms byproducts (also called metabolites) that travel around the body. These will stay in the body longer than the alcohol itself. The metabolites that ethanol give off are called EtG (ethyl glucuronide) and EtS (ethyl sulfate). These metabolites show up in urine and provide insight into if someone’s recently consumed alcohol, and how much.

What are the benefits to a urine test for alcohol?

There’s several benefits to testing the urine to see if someone’s been drinking alcohol:

  • Accurate: this is one of the most accurate alcohol tests there is.
  • Little Errors:  This is also a test that’s very difficult to cheat, and leaves little room for error.
  • Wider window: because we’re dealing with metabolites, the detection window much wider – it will pick up if someone has had alcohol in 3-4 days (rather than the 12-24 hours of breath and blood tests) if not longer
  • Monitoring:  Needing to routinely check if someone’s been drinking? Urine testing is a good option.

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