Breath Alcohol Testing

Breath alcohol testing (also known at BAT) is a common test used to determine if someone has consumed alcohol. This is often what police officers use during roadside alcohol screening checks and is a common test used within the Department of Transportation (DOT).

The test is done by using a device, called a breathalyzer, that a person blows into through a disposable mouthpiece.

We use DOT-approved devices and can assure the reading is reliable and accurate based on the circumstances we can control. We offer breath tests for homes and workplaces. We can also perform these tests on the spot for you – just give us a call and we will deploy our mobile team.

What does a breathalyzer determine?

The breathalyzer device will pick up someone’s breath alcohol level (and indirectly estimate someone’s blood alcohol level) by analyzing the breath someone blows into the device.

When you drink alcohol, there are small molecules within it that quickly enter your body, and thus your bloodstream. These molecules are so small, it doesn’t take long for them to travel all over your body and make their way into your organs (in equal amounts) – including your lungs. This is why when you exhale from your lungs into a breathalyzer, it will pick up if you’ve been drinking or not.

For the exact reading on how much alcohol is in your blood, you need a blood alcohol test. But,a breath test for alcohol offers many advantages.

Why use a breathalyzer test?

  • One minute:  results should show up in one minute or less
  • No pain:  But a lot of gain. Nothing is painful about a breath test for alcohol
  • 12-24 hours:  that’s the window of detection time for this test
  • On the spot: because no blood or urine is collected, this test can be performed on the spot with no mess

DOT breath alcohol testing

We know that in order for a breath alcohol test to be approved by DOT standards, devices must be NHTSA-approved and used by a screening test technician (STT) or breath alcohol technician (BAT). We have both. We also follow test collection processes that align with DOT regulations. Working with DOT regulations for alcohol testing is one of our specialities.

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