Blood Alcohol Testing

A blood alcohol test will determine blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at the moment of a blood draw. This is a reliable way to determine the amount of alcohol in someone’s bloodstream. It’s one of the most common tests used to prove if someone was legally drunk.

Many court cases involving alcohol (especially in cases of drunk driving) will rely on the BAC test results.

Sometimes, but not always, people can choose to perform either a breath or blood test. Many lawyers, judges, social workers and other judiciary situations will want a BAC test. If you need a quick, efficient BAC to go on the record, Test Smartly Labs can help.

We use proper procedures (chain of custody) with trained, experienced professionals whose professionalism will ensure the BAC test is accurate and reliable.

How does a blood alcohol test work?

A blood alcohol test is performed through a common blood draw. Our trained professionals will follow proper procedures to ensure the right amount amount of blood samples are drawn.

The blood samples will be sent off for processing and analysis. It will pick up the alcohol levels in the blood at the time of the blood draw. (They will be the highest approximately 1 hour after consuming alcohol.)

Based on who requested the test, the results will be delivered safely and securely.

Why use a blood alcohol test?

  • Retested. Unlike the breath test, blood samples may be retested should a legal case need to reexamine the samples
  • Reliable: this test is commonly used in court because of its reliability and accuracy
  • On the spot: At Test Smartly Labs, we can even come to you to perform a BAC test
  • Preferred: many courts want to see a BAC test, especially in DUI cases.

Test Smartly Labs is a trusted partner when it comes to BAC testing. To request a test today, contact us.