Saliva/Oral Drug Testing

A popular new option for people needing drug testing is saliva testing – which involves testing oral fluids for traces of drug or alcohol use. This is becoming more and more popular over the standard urine test. It’s as easy as a blood test, but without the needles and bio-hazardous waste.

Oral drug testing can give you the same accuracy as the urine test, but it offers several advantages when comparing drug testing options:

Like what?

Detect Drug Use Sooner

If your issue is speed and timing, a saliva drug test is one of the quickest ways to determine drug use. You don’t have to wait until someone can provide a urine sample, and even the urine itself has a delay for detection (4 hours). The saliva test will let you know if someone has used drugs or alcohol within the past hour.

Plus, the results from a saliva/oral drug test arrive sooner than the urine test.

Negative results can be returned within the same day.

Non-negative tests will be sent off to the lab and results should be returned within a week.

Determine Impairment

24-48 hours – that is the window the oral/saliva test can pick up drug or alcohol use.

For this reason, this is a preferred testing option when there’s been an emergency – like in the case of a car accident involving vehicles and equipment drivers (like DOT situations.)

Our team can show up and perform oral drug testing on-site, letting you know if the people involved have used drugs within the past hour.

Not only this, but oral/saliva testing will let you know the level of impairment for the person. The test will look for a substance called “parent compound” – a psychoactive ingredient that if found in the saliva, it means it’s also in the bloodstream, which can indicate the level of drugs or alcohol in the blood.

(By contrast, the urine test doesn’t measure the “parent compound” but instead checks for “metabolites” which are by-products of the parent compound and do not determine the levels of impairment.)

Less Mess

Collecting saliva/oral fluids is much easier than collecting urine. It goes without saying, it’s less of a mess as well, for everyone involved.

Plus, no observed collection needed, nor any bathrooms or privacy.

No Cheating

It’s much harder to cheat an oral drug test.


For starters, the person providing the sample doesn’t require privacy and must offer the sample under direct supervision of the trained professional.

Plus, you cannot add anything to your saliva to tamper a test.

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