Prescription Drug Testing

Based on a 2017 survey by Pew Research Data, 76% of the American public sees prescription drug abuse as a serious public health problem (up from 63% in 2013).

Prescription drugs in and of themselves are not bad, however the numbers of people using them in a manner not prescribed by doctors is alarming and a serious concern. Those who take prescription drugs as prescribed find many benefits such as reduced pain, management of chronic diseases and more.

However more and more people are taking prescription drugs outside of their intended use and using them to get a “high,” something typical of most substances labeled “drugs.”

Why test for prescription drug abuse?

Knowing if someone is abusing prescription drugs is critical both at home and in the workplace. There are serious short-term and long-term side effects for those abusing prescription drugs, some including ER visits and major health situations.

If you suspect prescription drug abuse by someone, work with a doctor, social worker, counselor and/or mental health professional on how to best address the situation and get them help. Do not wait for an accidental overdose to happen.

What tests can pick up prescription drug use?

We can test urine, hair, fingernails, blood and saliva for evidence of prescription drug abuse. The urinalysis is the most common test we perform to determine drug use because it’s efficient, low cost, reliable and provides fast results.

10-12 panel Urine Test

The 10-12 panel lab-based drug tests are tailored for these prescription drugs and are a go-to solution for prescription drug testing and abuse.

We recommend using lab-based testing for most cases that involve suspected prescription drug usage and not instant screens. Results will be returned within 1-3 days.