Passive Exposure Drug Test

Passive exposure is a serious concern. Many social workers know this and need proof that a child or teen was in a dangerous situation.

Parents may also seek this information, especially parents of teenagers who spend time with drug-using friends.

At Test Smartly Labs, we offer passive exposure drug tests to determine if someone was exposed to harmful drugs (but did not use them personally.) This can be in cases where children live in or visit homes with drug users.

What is "passive exposure"?

Passive exposure is when someone is exposed to an illegal substance without actually ingesting or using the substance themselves. Passive exposure often occurs with children who live in drug-exposed environments. Passive exposure is a serious and severe situation for children especially, as it could cause harmful medical conditions and create future addictive behaviors.

How do we Test for passive exposure?

At Test Smartly Labs, we offer several testing options to look for passive exposure, including non-invasive tests, such as swabs on the skin.

Our test can pick up if a child has been around:

  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Amphetamine/Methamphetamine
  • Marijuana (THC)
  • Cocaine (Crack and Cocaine HCI)
  • And more all the time

How can you tell if a child has been exposed to drugs?

Drug testing is available if you need to test and see if a minor has been exposed to drugs. (Testing adults is also available.) Social workers and those working in legal cases often rely on passive exposure testing. If you need a reliable drug testing partner who follows the chain of custody procedures to ensure the findings hold up in court, let us know.

A 2013 study published in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring reported a hair drug test is the most sensitive test for testing children for environmental exposure to several illegal drugs.

Whether you need to test and see if a child has been exposed to drugs for legal and custody matters, or if you need to get to the truth of someone’s insistence they didn’t use drugs themselves – we can help.

What if the passive exposure drug test is positive?

If the drug test is positive, it means that it’s highly likely:

  • Someone was around or near smoke or drugs
  • Someone directly inhaled smoke
  • Someone had direct contact with someone who’s using drugs – their sweat or the oils on their skin
  • Someone touched someone with drugs on them, like bongs for example
  • Someone accidentally ate or took in drugs

You can trust our passive exposure drug tests, as well as our team, as we will work quickly and sensitively to get you the test results you need while also protecting innocent people exposed to harmful drugs.

To get started, contact your nearest Test Smartly Labs location today!