Nail Drug Testing

Did you know you can test fingernails or toenails to see if someone has used drugs?

Nail drug testing works similarly to hair follicle drug testing, and it is an attractive option for those who refuse or cannot test the hair.

How does fingernail testing work?

Your fingernails grow out of a nail bed, and this nail bed is connected to your blood flow – meaning if drugs are flowing through your body, traces of the drugs will also flow into your nails.

Drugs are locked into your nails as they grow.

To test the nails for drug use, we follow a process that will hold up in the court of law should the test results be used as evidence:

  • Our trained professionals will ensure the nail is clipped or shaved
  • The nail clipping will be washed with a chemical substance
  • Hardly anything can alter the nail’s protein, called keratin, which makes it difficult to alter the test results.

Why choose nail testing for drugs?

Nail testing is a good, reliable option for drug testing. Here are some of its advantages over drug testing types:

  • 6-8 months:  that’s the amount of time fingernails may contain evidence of someone has used drugs. Drug testing fingernails offers a wider window into drug use history.
  • Everyone has nails:  you can always test the nails for drugs, this comes in handy if someone refuses to collect hair or shaves their head.
  • No cheating:  no amount of manicuring, polishing or filing the nails will hide what lies within the nail beds.

To request a fingernail test, contact us.