Marijuana Drug Testing

Even with wider acceptance of marijuana use in some states and for certain medical conditions, it continues to be seen and handled like an illegal substance in many cases.

Maybe you need a marijuana drug test to determine if your teenager has been abusing drugs.

Perhaps marijuana use is not tolerated in your workplace, and you need professional drug testing services to pre-screen future employees or test current ones.

  • If you need a reliable drug testing partner, Test Smartly Labs would like to help. Why trust us?

A few reasons…

  • We’re pros. We’ve performed thousands of drug tests before and we know how to do them quickly, safely and correctly.
  • We’re clean. We maintain a drug-free workplace ourselves.
  • We’re affordable. You get a great service and solid communication while skipping the high-dollar fees a hospital or other lab would charge.
  • We’re local.
  • We have a national collection network so we can test you conveniently in every state (over 4,000 sites)
  • You’re in control. We don’t make the call on what to do, we just serve up accurate results and let you take it from there.

What types of tests screen for marijuana?

We offer several drug testing solutions to help you test for marijuana use, choose the test that best fits what you’re looking for:

  • A urine test: used within the past few weeks (most common)
  • A blood test: used within one or two days
  • A saliva/oral fluid test: used within past one or two days
  • A hair test: used within past 90 days
  • A nail test: used as far back as 6 months ago
  • A sweat/skin patch: continuous monitoring for 14 days (oftentimes court requested)

If you need us, we’re here. To get a marijuana drug test, contact us.