Paternity Testing

Am I really the father?

It’s a common question these days – especially since according to the CDC, 40% of women who give birth are not married. (Although someone’s marital status does not necessarily mean the biological father is known.)

If you need a reliable paternity test, we can help.

How do I get a paternity test?

Whether you’re coming at this as a man wanting to determine if the child’s yours, or a woman insistent that the child is his, the ideal process is this:

  1. The test needs ordered. This can come from the alleged father, the mother of the child or even the court. A child may request this as well, however he/she must be 18 years or older. To order a paternity test, give us a call.
  2. The test gets on the calendar. Next, we need to find a date – these are often not walk-in tests. If the test results will be needed as evidence in court or to be used for anything legal, we must do the test at our office. If not, we can come to you to take samples.
  3. DNA samples are collected. In a best-case scenario, the suspected father, the mother and child are both available to be sampled. The mother’s participation, however, is not mandatory. The sample collections do not have to happen at the same time or place. The most common way we collect samples is a cheek swab.
  4. Results are delivered. The samples are analyzed by AABB-accredited labs that run a thorough report on them. Samples will be processed two times to ensure accuracy. Based on who ordered the test and how it will be used, confidential results will be delivered. If the results are involved in a court or immigration case, we will make sure they’re sent directly to the case workers.

Results should be available within 2-3 days.

How accurate is a paternity test?

99.99% – that is how accurate our paternity tests are. How and why?

Because Test Smartly Labs…

  • Is not a do-it-yourself test. You can buy a box off the internet, but there are limitations on its accuracy. If you’re going to do a paternity test, make sure to get trained professionals involved. This won’t only ensure you invest in a reliable test – but there’s a lot of emotional and mental stress that comes with it. Don’t rely on yourself for this one.
  • Follows Chain-of-Custody procedures. This means we follow a process that is careful and planned – a process that has earned our partner labs accreditation – so that you can use the results in courts as evidence.
  • We use only a AABB-certified Labs. This means we follow high standards and have earned accreditation by this federally-recognized group – the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) to be exact. You can trust that our sample collection, analysis and reporting processes meets the highest standards in lab testing.
  • Double-Checking. The laboratory we use to process the samples independently tests them two times and compares the data for consistency before running the report. The test results are reliable, reproducible, and accurate.