Relationship & Paternity Testing

Paternity testing or DNA testing in general may conjure up thoughts of trashy daytime talk shows or rare immigration stories, but in actuality it’s a very, very common need many people face.

At Test Smartly Labs, we’ve seen and heard nearly every reason under the sun as to why someone needs a DNA test. If you need a safe, non-judgmental place to get fast, reliable answers, we’re here.

When would you need a relationship DNA test?

Relationship DNA tests most often deal with families (and all of the complications that can come with them)! Here are some of the most common reasons people need our help with DNA testing in their families:

  • Prove or disprove someone is the father (paternity testing) or mother (maternity testing)
  • Prove or disprove someone is the father/mother or prove a biological relationship with a child by testing grandparents (grandparentage testing)
  • Determine if two individuals are full or half siblings (siblingship testing)
  • Check if twins are fraternal or identical (twin zygosity test)

Whether you need DNA testing for issues of custody, child support, inheritance, name changes or for general information and/or peace of mind, we can help.

How many need DNA tested to prove family relationship?

All DNA tests will require samples from at least two people in order to be performed, but oftentimes adding more people in the biological family tree can help with the accuracy of results.

Because genes have variants (called alleles), they can be expressed differently from person to person (That’s why we don’t all look the same!) However, because of these variants, when you’re testing for family relationships, the more people willing to offer samples, the more complete picture of a biological family you’ll get. DNA testing looks for “matches” within the samples offered – so the more people willing to offer a sample, the more accurate the matching process will be.

Legal vs. Non-Legal DNA Tests

Non-legal DNA testing may be preferred if you need to collect the DNA samples privately or anonymously.

Legal DNA testing is done when the test results will be used for reasons in addition to peace of mind or general family knowledge. In issues of inheritance, taxes, adoption or custody, results need to follow chain-of-custody procedures in order for them to be used as evidence in legal documents.

This involves a certain procedure for the collection and a witness not involved with the family. Oftentimes special documentation for both the collection, processing and results is required. There are several benefits to getting a legal test that follows chain of custody done.

At Test Smartly Labs, we’re an accredited lab by the AABB and follow proper procedures to ensure the results can be used for any situation you need.

Immigration DNA Testing

Immigration DNA testing can play a significant role when someone’s trying to get a visa application to go through and enter the U.S. – especially if you need to prove biological relationships.

At Test Smartly Labs, we work with AABB-accredited labs for immigration DNA testing to make sure the DNA test results can be used as part of the Department of State’s visa review process. Learn more about immigration DNA testing.