Employee DNA Profiles

If your industry involves risk and an element of danger to your workers, we advise you to get employee DNA profiles.

This can help you get your employees’ DNA on record in the event they’re involved in an accident where you’d need to profile them. This is especially important amongst industries like fire, police, mining – amongst others where tragic accidents and fatalities may occur.

Employers are encouraged to take this proactive step to limit the burden or responsibility on the family in the event an accident occurs. Don’t wait to ask someone’s parents or children to get involved in verifying your employee’s DNA – take this step and profile it yourself.

As an employer, you’ll be well-prepared and able to handle the crisis with much more ease, without adding stress or pain to those involved. Trust Smartly Labs is a go-to partner for all of your workplace testing needs, whether it’s drug and alcohol testing or DNA testing. To get started, contact us.