Ethnicity DNA Testing

Not only do you want your ancestry DNA test to be accurate (which ours are…) you also want it to be easy to understand.

We offer the Ancestral Origins™ DNA genealogy test to help you understand the regions and populations your ancestors may have lived in.

How does the DNA test work for ancestry?

First, you’ll get a cheek swab at Test Smartly Labs by one of our trained professionals. The saliva in your cheek actually contains a ton of DNA and it’s great for these tests. Plus, you won’t have to get poked by a needle!

We will collect your DNA sample and send it off for processing to look for GeoGenetic links. Your DNA will be compared to hundreds of other DNA samples from people around the globe and from 14 anthropological regions. The data from these regions is not only known but it’s scientifically validated – so you can trust the test!

This is the only ancestry test on the market looking for a full 24 markers.

What will the DNA test tell me?

The test will look for DNA matches between your sample and those within the genetic database. It will measure the likelihood that your DNA is linked with the DNA from people in certain populations and regions and help show your family history.

Your results will come with a 10-page report PLUS a high-resolution map that will show you:

  • Population matches
  • Native region matches
  • Strength Indicators
What won’t the DNA test tell me?

It’s important to understand what the ancestry DNA test will not tell you — and to do your research on what comes with a test before ordering a kit online.

  • Country
  • City
  • Family name
  • Native American Tribe
  • Percentage of Ethnicity
  • Racial Affiliation
Ancestral Origins DNA chart